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MOMA018 Utraque Unum Coin

by Catharsiss vs AccAhellA

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Catharsiss vs AccAhellA - Utraque Unum Coin (Two Sides Of One Coin)

Side A - Catharsiss
01. Silence 1
02. STWaNH - Sonos, Texturas, Et Album Sonitus Stridet
03. Cinematic Double Double
04. Blender Helicopter Concerto
05. Sonitu At 62 Mph
06. Silence 2
07. Aria Of The Angered Wind
08. Pedicabo Ego Vos Dixit Caniculae
09. Distorting The Distorted
(Drums - Rusty Acres, Guitar - Xerxes Grimm, Lead Vocals - Sir Nekro Cuntsplitter, Performer - Eviscerated Zombie Tampon, Remix [Live Remix] - Keith Suchland)
10. He Who Mumbles
11. Silence 3

Eavesdropping On Falling Drops Of Water
12a. Decurrentis Obcento
12b. Umquam Volvenda Spiraling
12c. Tempus Percussa Distractis Harmonica
12d. Tempus Temere Tractus
12e. Secundo Decurrentis Obcento
12f. Quisque Guttula Saltat Canit Utrumque Guttula
12g. Pecia De Terra Purgetur
12h. Discessionem Pulchra Bene Tibi
13. 'Murica: Maximo Furtum Quatuor Vehiculum
14. Clark's Pearl O' Wisdom (Part 1)
(Performer [Additional Speaker] - Keith, Performer [Main Speaker] - Clark, Performer [Occasional Speaker] - Kris)

Side B - AccAhellA
01. Awakenings, Post Sonambolism
02. Vocal Reverberation Under Spinal Pressure
03. AccAhellA
04. Az Ördög Szálljon Beléd
05. Bohemian Rhapsody (Part 2) (written by Freddie Mercury)
06. Yellow Submarine (written by Lennon-McCartney)
07. Bumb Bumb Badadah Bummmmb
08. Goodbye Cruel World (written by Roger Waters)
09. Safe Trip, Annyeonghaseyo And Goodbye

Recorded by, cover, artwork by - KDS
Vocals - Keith S.

Side A Recorded in Palenville, Kingston, and Jewett, New York USA August 27-29, 2013
Side A Recorded in Palenville, Kingston, and Jewett, New York USA September 2-5 2013


released September 13, 2013




Museum Of Microcassette Art Gainesville, Florida

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